Ray Pacheco, CAC II, CAMS
Counselor, Atlanta Men's Community

Hometown: East Los Angeles, CA

Future Goal(s): Masters Degree and/ or Licensure: “Tail of the Dragon”- Motorcycle ride: “El Monstroso” – Zipline in Puerto Rico: Adventurous, comfortable and fulfilling retirement with my wife: Continue growing a Private Practice that keeps balance in the midst of retirement.

Hobbies: Care for my house and vehicles – maintenance and improvement projects: travel and nature exploration: motorcycle riding, outdoor sports and competition pool shooting: music and meetings: meditation and prayer: people: solitude.

Experience: I started working in the mental health field in 1999. My goal has always been to raise the standard of my own personal recovery, while giving back to those individuals that are seeking a better relationship with themselves, a God of our understanding and other individuals as well! My journey has been guided through 12-Step participation, achieving Certification as an Addiction Counselor Level II, Certification as an Anger Management Specialist and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. My life experiences combined with the education and CEU’s carved opportunity to serve institutions that provide inpatient, outpatient, stabilization and detox services to those afflicted with mood and addictive disorders. I also spent nine years understanding, guiding and directing adolescents into making better decisions for themselves while preparing for a life that they adjust to daily and sturdy their way into adulthood. I enjoy participating in and facilitating support groups, especially support groups for the entire family; I have done so for the past 13 years. I believe in a better way, one that is born in acceptance, meditation and spiritual awakening. I am passionate about helping others learn to help themselves and create an individual that they accept and are passionate about exploring and developing into a spiritually whole being once again. In this manner, we are able to establish an environment that keeps us safe at all times, promotes positive energy within each individual and a healthy prosperous community.

Why I Work for Hope Homes: My goal at Hope Homes is to serve as a resource in our recovering community. Demonstrating “the Solution” within the men’s community may serve to empower a Recovering Community so that they may improve their relationships, decision making, coping mechanisms and overall quality of living.

With Hope Homes since: 2016

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