Dr. Arthur Trotzky, Ph.D. (Counseling/Psychology), DCC (Distance Credentialed Counselor)
Continuing Care Coordinator

Hometown: New York, NY

Future Goal(s): To continue to examine the latest developments in providing therapy via the Internet and to help other professionals go online. To spend quality time with my three sons and grandchildren. To continue to offer my experience, strength and hope to others dealing with addiction.

Hobbies: Swimming, Guitar, Congas and Darbuka, My Mini-Dachshund, Natural Hot Springs

Experience: Dr. Arthur S. Trotzky, an internationally known addiction treatment specialist, has joined our team at Hope Homes to offer online, continuing care to our residents transitioning out of the residences. Dr. Trotzky has been directing a project offering online, therapeutic services for recovering addicts for the Israel Government’s Anti-Drug Authority in Jerusalem. While case manager in the Recovering Professionals Program at Ridgeview Institute where he was also responsible for the Trauma Survivors' Group, from 2005 to 2011, Arthur established Online Group Therapy, a first in online therapy. Arthur was a senior staff therapist for the Kibbutz Child and Family Clinic at Oranim in Kiryat Tivon, Israel for over 27 years. As Clinical Director of “HaDerech”, Israel’s first, twelve-step rehabilitation center, Arthur was instrumental in introducing the disease concept and twelve-step methodologies to Israel. In addition, his own private, outpatient clinic, The Israel Counseling and Treatment Center of the North, Arthur treated food and eating disorders as addiction and applied the addiction methodology to pathological gambling, compulsive sexuality and alcohol and drug addictions. Arthur served in the IDF Medical Corps in a mobile trauma unit treating combat reactions and victims of terrorism. For more information: www.onlinegrouptherapy.com

Why I Work for Hope Homes: I have followed Hope Homes since 2005 when I worked and lived in Atlanta and met Beth Fisher Sanders. I was very impressed by the results and the multi-faceted program offerings. As I developed Internet-based treatment programs, I had spoken with many treatment providers about this continuing care medium. Almost all were reticent not being comfortable with the technology, having anxieties about litigation, concerns about the efficacy and seeing that it may not be profitable. Beth Fisher Sanders and the staff at Hope Homes saw the value and the impact of an online program for helping their residents to remain clean and sober and decided to offer this valuable and cutting-edge service. Among the many recovery programs available, I am excited to be part of this team.

With Hope Homes since: 2017

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