Christina Battle
Counselor, Charlotte Women's Community

Hometown: Catonsville, Maryland

Future Goal(s): Travel to every state in the US, obtain a Master's degree.

Hobbies: Baking cupcakes, writing, watching cheesy Lifetime movies with my sisters, finding lost treasure at thrift stores.

Experience: I have worked over 9 years with various non-profits that specialize in providing education, safety, and the basic needs of inner-city youth. I have organized and led summer camps, tutoring programs, arts programs, teen activities, and community events in Charlotte and I am excited to bring that skill set to Hope Homes! I have learned a lot about addiction by working closely with the children of addicts.

Why I Work for Hope Homes: I am a firm believer in second chances; sometimes, even third, fourth or fifth ones. To play a small role in someone’s recovery is something almost too big to put into words. I work at Hope Homes because I love it. I love the staff I get to work with, the strong sense of community offered, and the model Hope Homes is structured on. I also work at Hope Homes because I was given many chances by women who came beside me and brushed me off every time I fell. It is a privilege to leave an impact on the women here in Charlotte that the women in my life have left on me!

With Hope Homes since: 2017

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