The Loft provides students a substance-free, emotionally healthy, and community focused living environment where they can put their recovery first while succeeding academically.

the Loft at Hope Homes

Balancing college and recovery can be a challenge. A supportive living community can make all the difference.

Group of teenage students sitting in a park on grass.Hope Homes has developed a NARR level 2 Recovery Residence program specifically for college students in active recovery from addictive, emotional and/or eating disorders. The Loft program is tailored to meet the needs of 18 – 25 year old college students and has a strong focus on community and fellowship.

At the Loft, we provide students a substance-free, emotionally healthy, and community focused living environment. We allow students the freedom to experience college while also providing the structure and accountability that will allow them to succeed academically while maintaining their recovery. Peer Counselors live on-site and lead community activities, provide strategic goal setting in weekly one-on-one sessions, and facilitate an overall healthy and active community. The Peer Counselors are supervised by a Clinical Social Worker who conducts admissions, provides case management, and facilitates discharges.

The Loft is designed for students who have 3 or more months of sobriety. It is not a place to get sober – it a place to LIVE sober. People who recover from addictive, emotional, or eating disorders at a young age have a long, wonderful life ahead of them. The Loft is a safe, supportive place for students to live while discovering what they want to do with all the opportunities afforded by a life in recovery.

Students who have less than 3 months sobriety but are interested in living at the Loft can live in a standard Hope Homes community until they have 3 months of sobriety. At the 3 month mark, students can transfer to the Loft community if they have the recommendation of their Hope Homes counselor.

Loft Residents:

  • Are enrolled at a local college or university
  • Have 3 months of continuous sobriety (preferred)
  • Are actively engaged in a recovery program
  • Abstain from alcohol and drug use
  • Adhere to the Loft community behavioral standards
  • Agree to random drug and alcohol screening
  • Are interested in being part of a healthy, collaborative community focused on recovery
  • Are a member of a Collegiate Recovery Community, if possible

Loft Support Services:

  • 24/7 On-site Peer Counselors who are supervised by a Clinical Social Worker
  • In-House Support Groups
  • 12 Step Meeting Support
  • Fellowship Activities
  • Weekly Planning
  • Academic Support
  • Referral Source Collaboration
  • Parent & Family Support
  • Random Drug Screening

Loft communities are located in premiere apartment complexes. Amenities include:

  • Complete Furnishings
  • Fully Equipped Kitchens
  • Cable TV & High Speed Internet
  • Laundry Facilities in Residence
  • Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Cooking Grill Access
  • Fitness Center
  • Easy Access to Public Transportation
  • Private Bedrooms
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