Hope Homes developed specialized Recovery Tracks to meet the unique recovery needs of each individual.

Recovery Tracks

We realize that each individual is unique – with specific addictions, disorders, and/or lifestyle situations. Also, each individual is in a unique life stage. We have designed our program around that premise, developing specialized Recovery Tracks designed to fit the recovery needs of each of our residents. This concept, created by Hope Homes, has proven to be extremely beneficial for our residents’ long-term recovery.

Adult (ages 26-54)

hands-armsOur Adult Track is designed for men and women recovering from addictive or emotional disorders. Emphasis is placed on combining recovery routines and daily life. Assistance is provided for employment or a structured daily activity. Life skills groups and fellowship activities are the foundational aspects of this track. A strong emphasis is placed on collaboration with referral and community recovery resources.

Young Adult (ages 18-25)

IMG_7784The Young Adult track is an innovative, highly structured program in which the resident progressively develops and integrates skills vital for recovery and a balanced, whole lifestyle. This program provides the structure, guidance, and support necessary for young adults to establish a successful recovery routine. We use a progressive tier system in which each completed level leads to attainment of life and recovery goals. Each young adult is assigned a counselor who assists the resident in identifying and implementing life goals, such as employment or education. The counselor also collaborates with the family members and referrals of the young adult.

  • Tier 1: Integration and Compliance (0-2 months)
  • Tier 2: Working the Program (2-5 months)
  • Tier 3: Self Initiative and Leadership (4-12 months)
  • Transition to Independent Living (6-18 months)

Older Adult (ages 55+)

The Older Adult Track is designed for the active man or woman 55 + seeking recovery from addictive, emotional, or eating disorders. We offers community residences with peers who are of similar age and life stage. Our programming is based on the understanding that older adults have different life issues than their younger counterparts. We recognize that health issues, generational values, and interests are significant in their impact on the individual and how they interact in a community living situation. Additional individual coaching is also offered to this demographic.


Three Doctors Standing Outside A HospitalThe Professional Track is available for those who have involvement and support of a state licensing agency – medical, legal, etc. We have provided assistance to many professionals over the years through communication and collaboration with licensing boards and advocates.

Women with Children

hopehomes3Mothers in recovery face many unique and challenging circumstances. In order to better address the needs of this population, Hope Homes offers programming specific for single women with children.



The LGBTQ track helps the individual traverse the many obstacles he or she might encounter during early recovery. It is an innovative, identity-affirming program in which residents are supported on their individual walk towards recovery and wholeness of being. The basis for this program is LGBTQ Affirming Support, which is active promotion of self-acceptance and wholeness of being. Residents are provided with life skill development, individual, and group supports that are LGBTQ specific.

Eating Disorder

fleurOur eating disorder track is designed for residents who are actively engaged in the recovery process. Residents are offered a weekly support group specialized to address the underlying issues of disordered eating. Residents are held accountable for engaging in continuing support with outside treatment providers. Hope Homes counselors can provide assistance with meal planning, cooking, and offer support in the grocery store shopping experience. Peer support and buddy meals are an integral component of the Eating Disorder track. Residents are expected to utilize support from 12 Step programs such as EDA, ANAD, and OA.

Dual Diagnosis

Hope Homes staff are supervised by 2 Licensed Clinical Social Workers with over 40 years of combined experience working with addicted, psychiatric, and eating-disordered populations.  While HH is not a “treatment” program, we are equipped to clinically assess and triage our residents, facilitating the outside resources that will help progress each resident’s recovery.  We take special care to address each individual’s unique needs, collaborating with licensed therapists, psychiatrists, appropriate service providers and organizations. Hope Homes believes that RECOVERY is attainable for all those that enter our communities, and we seek to help those we serve find the path that works best for them.
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