“My experience here was invaluable to my recovery. I could not have stayed sober without Hope Homes.”

Recovery Services

The residential component of Hope Homes offers a safe, healthy environment where collaborative community networking is emphasized. It is an integral piece of our program, but it is only a small part of what we do. The most valuable aspect of the Hope Homes program is our professional life skill counselors and the services they provide to our residents.

Life Skills Counselors

  • Professional life skill counselors live on-site and are available to residents 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • Each resident is assigned a primary counselor with whom he or she develops a partnership based on trust. The counselor-resident relationship is essential to the Hope Homes model. Through this relationship, residents learn structure, accountability, and skills necessary for a life in recovery. 
  • Counselors collaborate with the referral sources and collateral contacts of each resident to ensure continuity and efficacy of care.
  • Counselors keep family members apprised of the progress of each resident on a case by case basis (if appropriate).
  • Counselors meet weekly with each resident in a one-on-one session to assess his or her progress and assist with any issues the resident may be experiencing.
  • Each counselor is supported by a Counselor Supervisor. Counselor Supervisors coordinate all resident assessments, behavioral interventions and discharges under the clinical supervision of the Executive Director.

 Recovery Facilitation

  • 90 Meetings in 90 Days
  • Weekly on-site 12 Step Meeting
  • Referral Source Collaboration
  • Continuing Care Service Provider Collaboration
  • Family Collaboration
  • Frequent, Random Drug Screening
  • Dual Diagnosis Support
  • Weekly Clinical Assessments of each resident, conducted by Counselor Supervisors
  • Specialized Recovery Tracks to meet the unique needs of each resident

Community Building

  • Weekly Fellowship Opportunities
  • Experiential Based Activities
  • Monthly Community Meal
  • Monthly Fun Nights
  • Weekly Community Check-Ins and Assessments
  • Service Work Projects

Life Skill Development

  • Employment Guidance & Support
  • Education Guidance & Support
  • Nutrition & Fitness Guidance
  • Weekly Scheduling & Planning
  • In-House Support Groups
  • Morning & Evening Apartment Check-Ins
  • Personal & Community Hygiene Mindfulness
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