“My experience here was invaluable to my recovery. I could not have stayed sober without Hope Homes.”

Recovery Services

The residential component of Hope Homes offers a safe, healthy environment where collaborative community networking is emphasized. It is an integral piece of our program, but it is only a small part of what we do. The most valuable aspect of the Hope Homes program is a our professional life skill counselors and the services they provide to our residents.

Life Skills Counselors

  • Professional life skill counselors live on-site and are available to residents 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • Each resident is assigned a primary counselor with whom he or she develops a partnership based on trust. The counselor-resident relationship is essential to the Hope Homes model. Through this relationship, residents learn structure, accountability, and skills necessary for a life in recovery. 
  • Counselors collaborate with the referral sources and collateral contacts of each resident to ensure continuity and efficacy of care.
  • Counselors keep family members apprised of the progress of each resident on a case by case basis (if appropriate).
  • Counselors meet weekly with each resident in a one-on-one session to assess his or her progress and assist with any issues the resident may be experiencing.
  • Each counselor is supported by a Counselor Supervisor. Counselor Supervisors coordinate all resident assessments, behavioral interventions and discharges under the clinical supervision of the Executive Director.

 Recovery Facilitation

  • 90 Meetings in 90 Days
  • Weekly on-site 12 Step Meeting
  • Referral Source Collaboration
  • Continuing Care Service Provider Collaboration
  • Family Collaboration
  • Frequent, Random Drug Screening
  • Dual Diagnosis Support
  • Weekly Clinical Assessments of each resident, conducted by Counselor Supervisors
  • Specialized Recovery Tracks to meet the unique needs of each resident

Community Building

  • Weekly Fellowship Opportunities
  • Experiential Based Activities
  • Monthly Community Meal
  • Monthly Fun Nights
  • Weekly Community Check-Ins and Assessments
  • Service Work Projects

Life Skill Development

  • Employment Guidance & Support
  • Education Guidance & Support
  • Nutrition & Fitness Guidance
  • Weekly Scheduling & Planning
  • In-House Support Groups
  • Morning & Evening Apartment Check-Ins
  • Personal & Community Hygiene Mindfulness
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