NARR Level 2 & 3 Services

Hope Homes is pleased to offer diversified service levels within our recovery residences to better meet the needs of the wide demographic we serve. Our service levels are:

Level 2 (Monitored)

  • Age 26 and over eligible for consideration (Young Adults can apply for Level 2 after 90 days)
  • Community (Apartment) Meetings
  • Monthly Fellowship Meal
  • Family and Referral Collaboration
  • Program Standards/Accountability
  • Regular Random Drug Screening (Billed through insurance)
  • Weekly Big Book Meeting
  • Monthly Fun Outing


Level 3 (Supervised)

Those needing a higher level of structure to include (but not limited to) Young Adults and those diagnosedwith Eating Disorder for a minimum 90day period.  Level 3 includes all components of Level 2, in addition to the following:

  •  Regular Family and Referral/Continuum of Care Collaboration
  •  Weekly 1:1 – Recovery and Life Skills Coaching for first 90 days; as needed thereafter (once monthly minimum).
  •  Job or Education Skill Support and facilitation
  •  Specialized and individualized Young Adult Track including Weekly Young Adult Support Group
  •  Specialized Disordered Eating Track including Weekly Eating Disorder Support Group


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