“You will escape disaster together and you will commence shoulder to shoulder your common journey.”

Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 153

In-House Support Groups

The In-House Support Groups are an essential part of the Hope Homes program. Each group is led and/or facilitated by a Hope Homes counselor. Support groups are offered to residents based on their individual Recovery Track.

Big Book Study

IMG_0015A weekly group that is a time for residents to read and discuss the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps.

Community Meeting

hands-armsA weekly meeting when counselors and residents discuss the business of the community. Issues discussed: community dynamics; apartment dynamics; residents’ attendance of 12 Step meetings; residents’ contact with 12 Step Sponsors; job related issues; appointments; household repairs and upkeep.

Life Skills

stones-wordsA weekly group led by a counselor that teaches residents skills for healthful living and coping mechanisms for lasting, ongoing recovery.

Job Skills

A weekly group led by a counselor that helps unemployed residents identify potential job opportunities, as well as acquire skills that will enable them to obtain employment.


Meetings between each resident and his/her primary counselor. This meeting is a time for the resident to discuss issues related to recovery, employment/education, and personal development with his/her counselor.

Young Adult

IMG_0007 - Version 2A weekly group led by a counselor to provide residents in the Young Adult Recovery Track with a forum to learn and process healthful living skills with his/her peer set.


A monthly gathering attended by all residents and counselors of a community. Residents take turns planning and cooking the fellowship meal. Residents review goals from the past month and set new goals for the coming month.

Recovery Management

This group is for individuals who have a history of relapse. A real world curriculum facilitates the recovering individual to identify cognitive, emotional, and physical triggers, as well as coping mechanisms.

Disordered Eating

fleur A group meeting facilitated by both a Hope Homes counselor and an outside clinician for residents with food and body image issues.

Mom’s Group

hunt8A group meeting led by a counselor for the recovering mothers, both current residents and alumni of Hope Homes. Women share their experience, strength, and hope with each other concerning the many issues facing moms in recovery.


butterfly-LGBTThis group is for individuals who identify as LGBTQ or are questioning their sexual or gender identity. It is a safe, supportive place for these individuals to express themselves and discuss issues unique to this population.

Fun Night

discgolfThis group provides an opportunity for residents to experience fun in recovery. Our counselors work with the residents to plan activities. Past Fun Night activities: cook outs, bowling, paint-ball, roller skating, mini-golf, movies, kick-ball, going to the arcade, biking, going to a Trampoline Park.
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