Drug Screening

Why We Conduct Drug Screens

At Hope Homes, safety and accountability are the watch words of our recovery residences. Hope Homes randomly conducts drug screens on residents and staff to ensure the safety of our communities. Drug screens assist residents in developing a willingness to accept responsibility and take accountability for their actions and remain in integrity with themselves and their community.

Hope Homes has partnered with Summit Diagnostics perform specialized drug screen testing. Both Hope Homes and Summit Diagnostics strive to keep drug screen costs as low as possible. Most insurance providers require Summit Diagnostics to bill for any applicable deductible, co-insurance and co-payment amounts as well as any amounts designated as “patient’s responsibility” as determined by the insurance provider.

If you have questions about the drug screening billing, please contact Summit Diagnostics Customer Service Department at 800-377-6481.

Hope Homes uses Summit Diagnostics for drug screening. Our drug screen protocol is as follows:

  1. Drug screens are performed frequently on a random basis.
  2. Drug screening is billed through insurance. Residents are responsible for any related deductible and co-pay.
  3. The following drug screening methods are used alternatively:
  • 12 Panel Cup
  • Breathalyzers
  • Full Laboratory Screen