“I’ll never forget Hope Homes and my stay here. I’m extremely thankful I had this opportunity.”


Fees Can be Paid in Several Ways

  1. By check made payable to Hope Homes.
  2. By electronic check. We will email an invoice to you with a link to Intuit that allows you to enter the routing and account information that appears on the bottom of your check and payment is made immediately at no additional cost to you. This payment will be processed like a check written from your bank account.
  3. PayPal-Logo_buttonBy using a Credit Card through PayPal. Please increase the amount of your payment to cover PayPal’s 2.5% service charge. Submit payment to “office@hopehomesrecovery.org” where indicated.
  4. By calling our office and using a Credit Card.  Please increase the amount of your payment to cover the 3.5% service charge.
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