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Posted on July 14, 2016

Our 20th year of service to the recovery community has provided an important time of reflection. We celebrate our community, which now numbers in the thousands. Hope Homes has become a national leader for recovery residences for men and women, known for our professional staff, quality and value, structure and support. Yet we never rest on our laurels – we always strive to grow and evolve – to be better and do better. In recent years we have been mindful of staff broadening our scope of service and support, and have incrementally increased our outreach to the families of our residents, striving to continually improve in our consistency of contact and inclusion throughout our residents’ stay. This will continue to be collaborative work in progress for us as a team, engaging with you.

Toward that end, every family of a Hope Homes resident will receive a packet of information within the next 4-6 weeks, and this information will also be included on our Hope Homes website (hopehomesrecovery.org). Information on our program, standards (rules), suggestions for family, and what to expect for your loved one will be provided.

You as a family member are always welcome and encouraged to reach out to me directly, or any of our staff that are assisting your loved one. Every person in addiction recovery directly impacts on average a minimum of 5 people – we recognize this and want to provide as much support and direction to the families of those we serve as is possible and appropriate.

Lastly, I wanted to bring to your attention an excellent opportunity for all family members of Hope Homes residents. We have the good fortune to collaborate with a nationally known addiction professional based in Charlotte, NC by the name of Ward Blanchard. Ward has made the incredibly generous offer of providing an upcoming weekend intensive July 22-24 in Charlotte, for families of those affiliated with our organization at no cost , except for personal travel (a $400 dollar savings). Ward and his wife Christina lead these workshops several times a year, and receive rave reviews – this is an wonderful opportunity. A flier is attached to the bottom of this email, and rsvp’s can be made to admin@blanchardaddictionresources.com.

We appreciate and value your trust in us. We look forward to connecting with you.

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